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Dietary supplement for men, Men Enhancement , nurturing the body for Happiness Love, Happiness Life, Improve
sexual potency

Fulfill the happiness to love with the dietary supplement which can help recovering the sexual potency to quickly
erect, durable erect, and long-last erect. The size of erection increases for consecutive 3 days. Recover the health
of men with Benign prostatic hyperplasia. The 8 kinds of the most effective 100% herbal extract are imported from

The 8 kinds of Best Quality Herbal extracts as

Epimedium: It is called Yin Yang Hua which is one of the most valuable of Chinese herbs. In China, it has been
used particularly for supporting the sexual activity for health for long time ago. It is the main property for use. Even
the ladies, this is used for arousing the lust. This herb is studied a lot both in the level of laboratory and hospital in
China, Korea, and Japan. It is found to have the properties to arouse the lust highly. The nerves around the body
will be aroused especially on the reproductive organ. It is also found that it stimulates the generation of semen in
men as well as being found to arouse the testicles, prostate gland, and the muscles around the anal similar to
androgen causing high lust. Moreover,
Tribulus Terestris: Increase male hormone and semen. Improve the physical and sexual potency. The substance
will raise the male hormone for the body to produce male hormone naturally. Increase the efficiency in erection.
Reduce cholesterol level and prevent the Prostate cancer.
Panax Ginseng (root): has been used for thousands year for the benefits of recovery and rehabilitation of physical
and mental competence. It is the original ginseng with the maximum power. It is the energizer with the properties
to arouse the blood vessel in the area of reproductive organ, enhance the sexual behavior, stimulate the semen
generation, emotion, reduce tension, and is popular in improving the entire health and age.
Rhodiola Rosea: or is known as Arctic Golden Root. It is the root natively in the mountainous areas of Europe,
Asia, and the regions. It has the efficiency in improving the emotion, relieving major depressive disorder, increasing
the efficiency mentally and physically. Reduce the tiredness. Have the anti- oxidant property and can cure
the headache.
Ginkgo Biloba Dry: It is one of the most ancient varieties of trees in the world named “alive fossil”. Ginkgo Biloba
is expected to exist in the world for more than 200 million years. There is also the record that human uses Ginkgo
Biloba as the herb for curing more than 5,000 years. The properties are to enhance the hormone potency, arouse
the blood vessel, increase the erection, prevent the Alzheimer.
Tang Chao: is a kind of Chinese herbs similar to tiny worms. Some call it as “worm grass”. This herb is also
supported by worldwide researches on the properties whether the properties in nurturing the body, blood vessel,
and more importantly to increase the sexual potency to men. Many people eat Tang Chao because they want to
avoid the side effect of Viagra and it also helps the good blood circulation in women.
Lycium Chinese (Kaoki): Improves the body. Nurture blood, livers, kidneys, and lungs. Nurture eye sights
especially night blindness. Stimulate the function of intestine and colon. Reduce fever and relieve the Rheumatic
arthritis. Enhance sexual potency. Reduce sugar in blood. Adjust the blood pressure. Treat the symptom of eye
tiredness, back pain, waist pain, and diabetes.

Net weight : 500 mg.
Contain : 10 Capsules/box





Absolute Beauty Experience

Sensorial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was established on August 23, 2013 which is a group company with diversified
industries, which involves in Skincare, Dietary supplement, Health care, Cosmetic, etc. It is constituted by who
specialize in the frontier research and development of bio technology and have rich experience in production,
operation, and management. We have 3 holding subsidiaries (a national high-tech enterprises and an overseas
company) and a provincial high-tech enterprise R&D center. It has several national FDA certificates, trade mark,
GMP, Halal.


1). We have Company's Brand of Skin Care and Dietary Supplements recognized and patented scientific
collaboration with the Institute of Skin Biotech Contract Laboratories France join with our company for research
and introduction of innovative anti-aging of the skin by stem cells from "Alpine Rose Stem Cell" combined with
super technology of "Bio Placenta" which result of growth Factor culmination of a property together. This is the
stage of research and development in the world. Stimulate cellular DNA, protein levels, Prolong skin cell rejuvenation
permanent. The Group's main products for skin care. Under the brand name is "SENSORIAL PARIS" and more over
we have several kind of products are all ingredients made from natural extracts 100% and premium grade. We are
guarantee our product is very high quality natural extracts and reasonable price. So, we are sure that your customers
will get 100% satisfaction and small volume for along with start-up business who would like to market trial first.
2). We can provide OEM for your private label and we can produce according on your budget and
quality including design, packaging sourcing as well.


Sensorial (Thailand) Co.Ltd. focuses on filling gaps in the market and increase choices for consumers to have
a truly high quality product and not focusing on the Over Advertise for the consumer. We are focus on high- quality
raw materials from our country and abroad.

Attention for the consumer
- Focus on high-quality raw materials from our country and abroad. The result is make 100% customers satisfaction.
- Conscious consumers and the environment by using all natural Extracts.
- Manufacturing standards are certified by GMP, Halal
- Certified skin care products is that the record is important.
- Certified products are used by the Food and Drug Administration (National FDA).
- New launching products to the market. We have Dermatological Tested got to do performance testing and results.
- Reasonable prices actually or over expectation when received. Focus on service before and after the sale, with the
Customer Service for Provider of knowledge about the product carefully for customer decision making about benefit
by cause and result effect.



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2 Achievement Awards of Our Company for Business excellent and quality products"
** Top Brand Awards 2016 of Thailand and Asia Pacific
** SO 2019 Awards is the Standard Organization of Product and Leader Awards 2019,
chosen by Chulabhorn Research Institute. Certificate of appreciation presented to Sensorial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and “Sensorial Paris” Brand to be an excellent quality industrial business Which focuses on producing standardized products by use of natural extracts and safe for the environment (eco friendly). It is also a business sustainable growth and maintain productive for customer satisfaction

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- Welcome to become our business partner. You can mail inquiry letter to
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