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Benefits: Deep Cleansing even cosmetic feel clean thoroughly, Fresh fragrance and the foam texture is smooth and soft. After cleansing, your skin is moist, not dry, whitening, reduce wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and dark spots, reduce acne and tighten pores.

Soluble Seaweed Collagen: Collagen from seaweed is high intensive for moisturizing properties to skin soften. It is anti-aging, anti-wrinkles and is a biological extract that helps repair and skin protection from damage. Pure Gold Extracts: Helps your skin to brighten, look younger, reduce wrinkles, reduce freckles, dark spots, reduce acne, tighten pores. It stimulates the skin to increase collagen and ceramide. Strengthen the skin cell. Increases elasticity to skin tissue. Exfoliate old skin and rejuvenate new skin cells, reduce acne. Glycymhiza Glabra Root Extracts: Licorice root extracts, Inhibit the formation of melanin and pigmentation of skin. It helps to clear the skin naturally, reduce the occurrence of freckles, Reduce dullness, Revove old skin cells and change renew skin cells. Reduce irritation and also has the ability to UVB rays protection that harm the skin and pollution prevention.

White Tea Extracts: The extract of white tea leaves which offer antioxidants more than 3 times compared to other tea leaves. Helps to tighten pores, Skin soft and smooth, helps resist and reduce bacteria on your skin.

Net weight: 100 g.



2 Achievement Awards of Our Company for Business excellent and quality products"
** Top Brand Awards 2016 of Thailand and Asia Pacific
** SO 2019 Awards is the Standard Organization of Product and Leader Awards 2019,
chosen by Chulabhorn Research Institute. Certificate of appreciation presented to Sensorial (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and “Sensorial Paris” Brand to be an excellent quality industrial business Which focuses on producing standardized products by use of natural extracts and safe for the environment (eco friendly). It is also a business sustainable growth and maintain productive for customer satisfaction

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